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BOTB Remakes 2014 Edition: Joy Bryant vs Abbie Cornish vs Gabriella Wilde

01.30.2014by: Cherry Liquor

Seems all you need to change the collective fanboy nation's mind is a great set of tits. That is, if you go by the results of last week's Battle of the Babes, where newly nude scened Alexandra Daddario bested one of the usual favorites, Emmy Rossum. Emilia Clarke wasn't left out in the dust but Khaleesi still has some headway to make in gaining a firm fan base. This week, since I keep seeing trailers for some of the more recent slew of remade movies, I thought we'd battle out their respective hotties.

Joy Bryant

I won't like... I'm interested in watching the darkened remake of ABOUT LAST NIGHT... mainly because I'm an unabashed and unashamed Kevin Hart fan and because Rob Lowe wishes he was as easily gorgeous as Michael Ealy. But the film isn't just about the dudes, the film features a huge upgrade to 1980's Demi Moore in "Parenthood" star Joy Bryant. Give me this unaltered babe over Ms Moore any day.

Abbie Cornish

Another thing I'm not embarrassed about? Being perhaps the only person who is looking forward to the restylized ROBOCOP movie, complete with Michael Keaton, Samuel L Jackson, the inexplicably magnetic Joel Kinnaman and of course, the lovely as always Abbie Cornish, who's been a big favorite of mine for a few years now. Every Robodude has to have his own special Robobabe.

Gabriella Wilde

She's a new face but that's not stopping Gabriella Wilde from being a big player in the recent remake field, what with her CARRIE roots from last year (sorry Amy Irving... Gabs was definitely more interesting than your 70's perm) and this year's ENDLESS LOVE remake, which sadly has to also rely on the acting prowess of Alex Pettyfer to sell the flick (which honestly was a melodramatic POS the first time around, so I suppose it can only get better).

Which 2014 remake babe makes you do a double take: Joy, Abbie or Gabriella?

Source: IMDB


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