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BOTB Racing Babes: Christina Ochoa vs Leslie Bibb vs Riley Keough

08.17.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Surprising how last week's Battle of the Babes featured a discussion over Alison Brie losing mass in her bosom after getting fit for her role in GLOW. I didn't see that big of a difference and I'm someone who actually HAS boobs, so I might know a little bit more about it than you fellas. Brie still won the match up, with the second runner easily being Aubrey Plaza, who oozes sex appeal without breaking a sweat. Katrina Bowden got a little bit of love as well. With the release of LOGAN LUCKY this week, I figured we could look at a few babes who have been chasing around dudes who race cars, or racing those cars themselves.

Christina Ochoa

Sadly, I don't know much about Christina Ochoa other than the fact that she's drop dead - nearly literally - gorgeous on SYFY's intensely "for mature audiences" ode to grindhouse. The show puts me strangely at ease even though it's supposed to do the exact opposite with its over-the-top style and hardcore gross imagery. But if you decide to watch it just for Ochoa, you can't lose.

Leslie Bibb

On the opposite side of the car chase/race spectrum, there's TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE LEGEND OF RICKY BOBBY, director Adam McKay's tribute to the ridiculous nature of Nascar drivers and their big hair, bit tits, big ambition Texan-inspired wives. Leslie Bibb was the best part of the movie for me and how she tapped into that stereotype, blasting it apart with such gutsiness, she overshadowed her trying-to-hard costars.

Riley Keough

If I'm honest, I initially believed that Riley didn't deserve to have a career simply because she's the granddaughter of Elvis. But that would mean I'd have to mock her grandmother as well, since Priscilla really didn't deserve to stumble into acting either. But Keough has paid attention and gotten better over the years, shining in The Girlfriend Experience and probably up to running circles around her LOGAN LUCKY costars.

Which car chase lady would you most like to do donuts for: Christina, Leslie or Riley?

Source: IMDB


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