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BOTB Pretty Kitties: Kat Dennings vs Kat Graham vs Katharine McPhee

08.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It was a toss up last week between Heather Graham and Lena Headey for favorite bad mom, although props were given to Kim Basinger and my snafu got a few chuckles. Too bad BAD MOMS couldn't score more at the box office. While I want to laugh at the idea that NINE LIVES will fair any better at the box office this weekend, the film actually boasts a cast full of great people and it gives me the chance to pair up three of the prettiest kitties with Kat names, so all is not completely lost.

Kat Dennings

Out of everyone here this week, Kat is the only one who seems to literally embrace her animal namesakes, posting countless pictures of herself to Instagram cuddling her own felines. I can only imagine those kitties have fun kneading on Dennings' plush pillows when they're snuggling up together. Hell, I'd be willing to do the body switcheroo into a cat's body if that were an option in one of my lives.

Kat Graham

I saw someone post somewhere that Kat Graham is a "butterface." What. The. Hell. I wish I could have checked out which supermodels that bold numbnuts gets to hang around with that demotes Graham to anything less than the spectacular beauty she is. The weaves are obnoxious and the insistence that she has naturally green eyes (girl, we can look you up in PARENT TRAP and find out in a snap that that isn't true and you know it) but strip that away with your imagination and Kat is one fine woman. So stop. Just stop.

Katharine McPhee

I probably wouldn't watch anything on CBS if it weren't for the first and third Kats here. Sure, Katharine is her given name but everyone in her circle seems to refer to her as Kat, so why not? McPhee is far more well known for being a dog person but she sure has an awesome tail on her, that's for sure. Now that both she and Dennings are newly single, I don't suppose the perverts behind "2 Broke Girls" could force their hands and get a delicious treat going for viewers from the two of them.

Which Kitty-Kat would you most like to pet till she purrs: Dennings, Graham or McPhee?

Source: IMDB


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