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BOTB Potential Mary Janes: Jane Levy vs Molly Quinn vs Sophie Turner

05.01.2014by: Cherry Liquor

So there was whining when I pitted the ladies of THE OTHER WOMAN against each other for last week's Battle of the Babes, mainly because no one thought that anyone should pick anyone other than Kate Upton (ultimately she did win the battle) and others saying that Upton wasn't all that. Does it matter, now that the movie topped the box office returns? With the mega release of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 happening this weekend across the states, we can now move on from your mom's favorite chick revenge flick of the year and ponder the question - if not Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, then... which one of these babes instead?

Jane Levy

Things begin and end for me when it comes to Jane Levy playing MJ. There's not a single actress out there that I believe would have the chutzpah to stand up on screen to the indomitable Emma Stone other than Levy and when I look at her I can already hear the "Face it, Tiger, you hit the jackpot!" in my head.

Molly Quinn

It took me some time to finally getting around to watching WE'RE THE MILLERS and it was nice to see Quinn do something other than "Castle," and while there's something to her soft-voiced, gentle-eyed delivery, I don't know if it would suit a big screen MJ. On the other hand, Quinn really does look the part.

Sophie Turner

A big number of people have been chatting up the possibility of British beauty Sophie Turner stepping into the MJ Watson role and yes, she looks sharp enough and has the talent to potentially pull it off. My question is more one of whether she can transcend her quintessential British-ness like Garfield can for Parker. If it can be done, the pair might have the best chemistry chance for post-Gwen times.

Which babe do you think would be the best next MJ: Jane, Molly or Sophie?

Source: IMDB


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