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BOTB Possessed Babes: Karen Gillan vs Rose Byrne vs Vera Farmiga

06.09.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Selena Gomez, whom many of you have complained about looking too young, is still your favorite pop singer from last week, doing far better than the movie that inspired the Battle. While you might not be able to bank on mockumentary movies, what you can count on is ghost stories, possessions and wildly improbable scenarios doing brisk business, no matter what time of the year they're released. But since the first movie did so well, THE CONJURING 2 is perfect for a change of pace in the summer box office lineup. Here are 3 babes from possession/haunting movies of late to discuss.

Karen Gillan

I made the mistake of watching OCULUS while not entirely sober, turning the haunted house movie into something far more sinister than it probably was (although not knocking it here, as it was enough to creep me the f&ck out, even in the trailers). The great thing is that the movie showed what Karen Gillan could do as a dramatic actress, what with her having come off of an assistant's stint on "Dr Who," and due to follow up with her solid performance as an action baddie in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Never doubt a ginger, fellas.

Rose Byrne

Patrick Wilson has a way of working through these types of movies, doesn't he? What makes his performances even better is that he tends to be cast along with women who are infinitely stronger than he is, including Rose Byrne, who has a talent so remarkable, she's believable from drama to action to horror to comedy to parody and beyond. You don't doubt for a second that she's an average mom looking to deal with unusual circumstances in the way a normal person would, and I love that she makes it look so damn flawless.

Vera Farmiga

From the moment that she blew away a couple of child molesters in RUNNING SCARED, I knew I would be a Vera Farmiga fan 4Lyfe, yo. I don't remember her before that movie but I have paid to watch absolutely everything she's done since, including the original of this series, even though I am not a ghost movie kinda gal at all. Her fierce nature is so crisp and fascinating to watch, it's no doubt that she's the one who really sold this franchise. Sorry, Wilson.

Which possession movie babe haunts you the most: Karen, Rose or Vera?

Source: IMDB


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