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BOTB Possessed Babes: Jane Levy vs Odette Yustman vs Rose Byrne

08.20.2015by: Cherry Liquor

While no one seemed all that game to participate in a battle full of up-and-coming female rappers, y'all sure did run out and plunk down money to see STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, which raked in some impressive bucks at the box office in its opening weekend. I suppose I should have left out any female musician contribution for last week, kinda like the movie did in a bit of revisionist history. Oh well. With a sequel to the low budget horror movie SINISTER coming out this week, here are a few babes from other recent possession movies that might spark your interest more.

Jane Levy

Levy more or less owns in my book, what with her power to compel me to watch pretty much anything she's in, although I didn't need much help to be interested in the remake of EVIL DEAD, where Levy brings us a more feminine version of Ash. Sure, it's not Levy at her sexiest but she definitely proved herself a star to be reckoned with.

Odette Yustman

Yustman, Annable, by any name, she's really just Odette. Back in 2009, when THE UNBORN was released, she was still Yustman, not that it made the movie any less ridiculous. With a cast that included the normally formidable Gary Oldman, I was actually hoping for better but a little tickled that it was aqs silly as it turned out to be. I rank THE UNBORN one of my favorite point-and-laugh disasters of recent years, good if only for the laughs.

Rose Byrne

I really tried to like the first INSIDIOUS movie. I had heard that it was scary, that the thrills really were there despite me vocalizing my skepticism for the genre. I rented the DVD, turned out all the lights and prepared myself for some spooking... and nada. While many claim that it had good jump scares, I found myself yawning and by the end, I had to pause the movie to freeze on the 1 second reveal that left me sighing heavily instead of sleeping with the lights on. Rose did look and act awesome as always, though.

Which possession movie babe gets the darker parts of you stirring: Jane, Odette or Rose?

Source: IMDB


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