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BOTB Pop Hotties: Demi Lovato vs Meghan Trainor vs Selena Gomez

06.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor

There was but a dull rumble when it came to picking your favorite new hottie to the X-MEN franchise (Sophie Turner, duh!) even though the film picked up a good (but not great when you compare the numbers of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST) haul at the box office over Memorial weekend. This week, even though our Eric Walkuski is declaring the new TMNT movie to be the best one ever (come on, the bar was never set that high) and Emiliar Clarke looks darling in her falling in love with a suicidal paraplegic dude movie, I'm going with POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING for inspiration because it might be the only attention Samberg gets for that flick.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been the break out princess over the past year, killing it in nude photoshoots and top selling summer time pop songs. Her baffling relationship with Fez (something about that dude doesn't sit right with me, although I tend to like him when he's on screen) is still running strong and she's taught girls to love themselves through posting her workouts to Instagram and putting the Photoshoppers on blast. Now, if only she could manage to do all of that without spray painting her face with all that makeup for the red carpet, I could get behind her 100%.

Meghan Trainor

I would have thought that people would've torn Trainor apart after she fell during a performance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" but the internet was in her corner, perhaps more proof that people like a thicker girl so long as she's talented. I actually had to go to Urban Dictionary to figure out what a PAWG was because i kept seeing so many dudes use the term in a complimentary way ("Phat Ass White Girl," by the way). I'm on the M-Train when it comes to her music, that shit's catchy as hell. She might say No but I'm saying Yes, Yes, Yes.

Selena Gomez

Gomez, the darling who was once involved with the inspiration for this POPSTAR movie, is indeed a babe if you can get past her face still looking like an adolescent's even though she's firmly in her 20's now. It was a shame to see that NEIGHBORS 2 didn't make more out of her appearance, giving her a few spare lines and minimal screen time. They could have benefited from more of this husky voiced lovely lady. Just make sure to keep her away from Orlando. We don't need Katy Perry's hackers sending her taunting tweets.

Which Pop Hottie gets you moving your bits the most: Demi, Meghan or Sele?

Source: IMDB


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