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BOTB Other Woman Edition: Cameron Diaz vs Leslie Mann vs Kate Upton

04.24.2014by: Cherry Liquor

Last week most of the feedback contained sadness over the current state of Anne Hathaway since she had been your first choice back in her early, longer hair days. She's still one of the most heavenly creatures to compete in a Battle of the Babes, though. This week we get to finally put to bed all of the incessant advertising for THE OTHER WOMAN as we check out its cast of hotties. So let's pick from them, shall we?

Cameron Diaz

As a woman who's frequently interviewed talking about her love of porn, her belief that relationships have a shelf life before you need to move on and other healthy sexual attitude stuff, I can completely get on board having Cameron as the other woman. Just so long as she stays away from your house, your wife and most all rom-com scripts that are thrown her way.

Leslie Mann

I can't honestly advocate Leslie Mann for an other woman candidate since she's the kind of woman who'd be the first and only choice. Funny, well-preserved for her age and definitely a chick who can roll with the punches (even if she whines nasally about them), Mann would be the best kind of woman.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton has the body that you'd like to tap even if just for the experience. Natural breasts, soft curves (I think I'm the only one who notices that she's shaped like a brick through her mid-section, no hourglass dip in sight) and a fun girl attitude that'll dance those fun bits in your face, she might not be the best other woman for the long haul but she'd be a great quick ride.

Which babe would you want as your other woman: Cameron, Leslie or Kate?

Source: IMDB


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