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BOTB New Year Babes: Heather Graham vs Jessica Biel vs Salma Hayek

01.01.2018by: Cherry Liquor

A couple of weeks ago we took a look at babes in the jungle (who else wasn't expecting JUMANJI to be so funny?) and it was an easy win for Karen Gillan, who is one hot piece of ginger asskicker with a great side dish of relatable awkwardness. I wouldn't be surprised (or bummed in the least) if they decided to make a sequel and work her in again. This week it's all about forgetting what a shit year 2017 seemed to be with its fires and floods and general slide into IDIOCRACY becoming our actual existence. So let's look at a few hot New Year's Eve babes to take the edge off.

Heather Graham

While I wouldn't exactly consider BOOGIE NIGHTS to be a solid New Year's movie, it does feature the characters celebrating the occasion a few times as a way to highlight how the porn industry was changing from the 70's to the 80's. And it has Heather Graham naked in roller skates. It's like the DIE HARD of New Year's movies. Yippee Kai-Auld Lang Syne, Muthaf*ckas.

Jessica Biel

Please don't bother watching NEW YEAR'S EVE. Just like VALENTINE'S DAY, the whole thing was meant as a way to get high ticket people into a sloppy mess of a film wrapped around a holiday that most people feel left out of. Because honestly, I'm guessing more of you stayed home last night and masturbated to Jessica Biel (or someone equally hot) instead of kicking up your heels amongst general society at a sweaty, smelly bar.

Salma Hayek

Most people have good reason to forget that FOUR ROOMS was a New Year's movie. It's a bit of a mess, even if the concept of having 4 big time (at the time) directors filming 4 different segments that include a bunch of eager and hot property actors (from that time) is intriguing. But early Salma is always the tastiest Salma, so of course she's included here.

Which babe would you like to be kissing your dropped balls: Heather, Jessica or Salma?

Source: IMDB


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