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BOTB New Release Babes: Isla Fisher vs Jessica Chastain vs Olivia Munn

12.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I totally forgot about Minka Kelly playing Jackie in THE BUTLER, mainly because I forgot about THE BUTLER (sorry, I don't want to tack on Lee Daniels' name just because he thinks he's the dramatic version of Tyler Perry). But of course Natalie Portman would have still slayed last week's battle because you all have a very unhealthy obsession with her. This week, I really couldn't decide which movie to go with as the basis for this column, although CHRISTMAS OFFICE PARTY is sure to do the best business (even though it's directed by the guys who made the abysmally bad BLADES OF GLORY), with NOCTURNAL ANIMALS pulling in people such as myself who love a little Jakey G & Amy Adams doing the serious weird indie thing, with MISS SLOANE more than likely getting forgotten about quicker than THE BUTLER. But let's see if you guys feel the same way in regards to their stars.

Isla Fisher

While everyone keeps talking about Amy Adams in NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, it was the fact that she's also paired with Isla Fisher that got me excited (plus Jakey, he's just so method it's seductive), with other young redheaded up-and-comers such as Ellie Bamber also joining they fray. As far as I'm concerned, not a single other redhead can beat Isla, even though the competition is stiff(ening?). But will she also be your favorite too?

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain just does not quit. Ever since gaining fame through her hard work on THE TREE OF LIFE, this gorgeous dame has been booking work left and right, from big budget flicks such as THE HELP, which garnered her an Oscar nom to the smaller indies where she gets to flex her acting muscle even more, Chastain is the work horse of this group. However, MISS SLOANE doesn't exactly look like the kind of movie that will place her in the forefront of your mind, or is your lust for her powerful enough to not care?

Olivia Munn

Munn keeps plugging away, hoping to make the right move that will take her from being the fringe celebrity status that she's thus far scratched and clawed her way to, to the top shelf A-lister that her little heart seems to be beating wildly for. She's beautiful enough, but I'm not convinced of her acting capabilities and showing up in CHRISTMAS OFFICE PARTY surrounded by comedic professionals who will chew up the scenery isn't exactly the right direction to try and navigate her pursuit. But will it matter in this match-up?

Which new release babe are you most excited about getting to see this week: Isla, Jessica or Olivia?

Source: IMDB


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