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BOTB NetFlix Babes: Annabelle Wallis vs Doona Bae vs Kaya Scodelario

06.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor

While there were those who proclaimed her too young to be competing in a Battle of the Babes (the first time that I've used her, definitely not the last), Chloe Moretz topped her dying babe competition with Mandy Moore trailing behind her and only 3 stalwart Shailene Woodley fans. While on the topic of new and fresh things, I thought we could look at a few of the babes of NetFlix original shows that you're probably not watching. Take a minute to divert your attention away from the latest OITNB season and check out these hot alternatives.

Annabelle Wallis

You might remember Wallis more prominently from her leading role in the ANNABELLE movie but she's also a key player on the BBC show turned NetFlix original show, "Peaky Blinders." It's violent, it's filled with often indecipherable accents and it's a fitting replacement for any of you who are missing the tough guy antics from "Boardwalk Empire." Plus, Wallis is damn fine.

Doona Bae

I have had a minor obsession with Bae long before she took on the role of Sun Bak in the Wachowskis' mind-trip sci-fi offering, "Sense8." Doona was the tough chick with the best of intentions in Chan-wook Park's SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE, one of the most heartbreaking and mesmerizing movies I've ever seen. I don't often get a chance to feature Korean hotties, so I gotta put her out there for this one.

Kaya Scodelario

You might remember her from the original UK version of "Skins" or you might think of her as the only chick in THE MAZE RUNNER movie, but Scodelario has been silently trudging away in fairly unglamourous roles to create a varied and interesting career thus far. "Southcliff" is dark, brooding and strange enough to help ease the wait for new "True Detective" episodes. She might not have Daddario's double D's but Kaya certainly is as beautiful.

Which NetFlix original series regular would you most like to binge on: Annabelle, Doona or Kaya?

Source: IMDB


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