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BOTB NBC Sitcom Babes: Alison Brie vs Aubrey Plaza vs Katrina Bowden

08.10.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It seems when it comes to the everlasting hotness of the HOT WET AMERICAN SUMMER babes, Elizabeth Banks still has the bikini body to rule you all, even if she does taste like hamburger. It was nice to see that I wasn't the only one who felt that Marguerite Moreau was an underappreciated hottie and of course, my all-time girl crush, Lake Bell, still has the power to sway you. This week INGRID GOES WEST is getting a limited release and I'm super bummed because it's not playing anyone near enough to me. I could drive into Los Angeles, I suppose (Cherry Goes South!) but I figure I can bide my time with some Parks & Rec until it goes wider next week. Here are a few of the NBC sitcom hotties worth traveling for.

Alison Brie

I have been on the fence about Brie for years, although I didn't get my start with her from Community, like the majority of her fans. She bugged the shit out of me on Mad Men and came off highly overrated in pretty much every movie of hers I checked out (aside from being Unikitty in THE LEGO MOVIE, which really doesn't count) but her turn on Netflix's GLOW turned me into a fan. And I figure, if Little Franco (or as my friend Aidan puts it "the BEST Franco") thinks she's rad enough to marry, there must be something to her.

Aubrey Plaza

Oh, how I love Aubrey Plaza. Allow me to count the ways - while I really couldn't fathom why P&R was so doggedly popular with its fanatics, I did manage to sit through about 3 seasons before throwing in the towel, all because of her (well, and a little because I dig Fat Pratt). It's the movies this lady does that slay me, from the underrated and insanely funny THE TO-DO LIST to the mellow SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED (holy shit, what a great overlooked movie) to her going raunch queen in DIRTY GRANDPA, I will follow this woman anywhere she leads me. Quite possibly all the way to LA if the movie doesn't pop up at a more local venue.

Katrina Bowden

I went back and forth over who to have as the third lady here, with the Gillian Jacobs option (loooooooove her) to the Jenna Fischer option, but I decided to go with Bowden, who really doesn't get the respect she deserves for being the spot-on comedic actress she is. 30 Rock is another one of those NBC sitcoms I haven't gotten around to yet but it's in the movies that Katrina has been featured that I really fell for her. TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL clearly is not just my personal unsung favorite horror movie in recent years, as there is a sequel in the works (and Katrina in her skivvies added to that movie's appeal). But it was really in NURSE 3D that she impressed me, with the unenviable task of trying to keep a straight face while Paz de la Huerta chewed up the scenery in an over-the-top goofy slasher/thriller. (So bad, it's good, really.) I'd love to see Bowden get the props that she deserves for more than just her phenomenal body.

Which NBC sitcom babe would you most like to tickle your funny boner: Alison, Aubrey or Katrina?

Source: IMDB


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