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BOTB Mother's Day Babes: Jennifer Aniston vs Kate Hudson vs Sarah Chalke

04.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor

People were less than thrilled with THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR, perhaps because if they want a winter's soldier to go to war, it's gotta be the Cap) but you guys seemed happy as clams to discuss which of the babes of the movie was your favorite. It was most likely the only time you'll see Charlize place last in a race, being narrowly bested by Emily Blunt who was overpowered by the majesty of ginger goddess Jessica Chastain. There's bound to be less debate over the top three blondes from this week's release, MOTHER'S DAY, although I don't suspect you'll be as favorable as People magazine has been recently.

Jennifer Aniston

Back in the '90's, before her marriage to Brad got her too skinny for my liking, Jennifer Aniston had one of the most inspiring bodies, with that full bust and those curvy hips. It's not as if she's slacked off, even in recent years that body is still damn fit, it's just not "Rachel" fit. Aniston seems to polarize people, with many loving her and many nodding their heads in understanding the swap to Jolie. I just find it interesting that she's managed to shy away from many mother roles before this one, perhaps being one of the few women in their forties who hasn't caved to what Hollywood expects them to play.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is also one of those gals that I preferred in her earlier years. Not because she had a different body type; Kate has managed to be lithe and lovely in the same manner for nearly two decades now. I was simply wowed by the young Kate who seemed so fearless and bold, going beyond what the business expected out of her for simply being Goldie's daughter. Far more mellow and mainstream in her recent years, Hudson is still a multi-faceted stunner who can command a scene, even when those scenes are contrived.

Sarah Chalke

While many dudes loved the bromance between JD and Turk on "Scrubs," I think it was the dynamic between the show's leading ladies that I found more intriguing. No actress exactly wants to take on the role of a spoiled, sheltered, self-involved rich blonde girl if they can get away with it. But Chalke took the time to make Elliot alternately fragile and tough, thoughtless and yet loyal and dedicated. Sadly, I haven't seen her have a chance to do anything that's come close, with a boring reoccurring role on "HIMYM" and canceled turns on "Mad Love" and "Backstrom." Something tells me this movie is going to misuse her as well.

Which MOTHER'S DAY babe would you most like to get MILFy with: Jennifer, Kate or Sarah?

Source: IMDB


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