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BOTB Monster Movie Babes: Elizabeth Olsen vs Lizzy Caplan vs Radha Mitchell

05.15.2014by: Cherry Liquor

It's hard to keep a good neighbor down, especially those who competed in last week's Battle of the Babes where many of you were resoundingly positive for all three, just a few more for Kaley Cuoco than for the others. It was a great week for the movie NEIGHBORS as well, besting the highest hopes the studio had for the movie with its SPIDER-MAN trumping #1 place at the box office. Now that GODZILLA is stomping its way into theaters, will Efron have the abs to compete? How about these babes from various monster movies?

Elizabeth Olsen

I think it's cool that we virtually didn't know that another Olsen sister existed until Liz appeared on the scene only 3 years ago, popping up in movies like SILENT HOUSE and MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE and now dominating the "actresses you wanna hire" short list. Olsen is a fresh take on her twin sisters - she's full of life, smiles and strong delivery. Will she help GODZILLA kick Kickass's ass? I can't wait to find out.

Lizzy Caplan

It's a good time to be a Liz or Elizabeth or Lizzy these days. While it didn't exactly set her career on fire at the time of its release, the shining moments in CLOVERFIELD all belonged to Caplan, in my opinion. I've never been a huge fan of shrieking large, unknown alien monsters so the human element in those films is important and thankfully Caplan captured that.

Radha Mitchell

Mitchell is sorta the unofficial queen of the modern monster movie, having appeared in creepy large monster stuff like ROGUE and PITCH BLACK as well as ungodly monster crap from SILENT HILL and THE CRAZIES and the monstrous acting of Luke Wilson in HENRY POOLE IS HERE (if you're a fan of Luke Wilson's - I keed! I keed!). The knock-out Aussie has a look that surpasses the stereotypical screaming blonde, probably adding to why she gets hired for these roles with such frequency.

Which babe would you want to introduce to your trouser monster: Elizabeth, Lizzy or Radha?

Source: IMDB


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