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BOTB Mature Babes: Christie Brinkley vs Kim Basinger vs Rene Russo

12.04.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The last time we took a look at a Battle of the Babes, they were playing poker and Jessica Chastain came out the winner. I don't foresee that changing any time soon, although it certainly didn't help the sales of her movie, MOLLY'S GAME. Perhaps she'll have plenty of old people comedy juice in about 20 years, where you'll find one of my personal favorite over 60 babes in this week's release, JUST GETTING STARTED. I have to wonder who is going to be the grumpy ol' FBI Tommy Lee Jones type then... perhaps Keanu Reeves? EFF BEE EYE!

Christie Brinkley

I've heard people talk about the greatness of Brinkley's plastic surgeon but I've looked pretty dang close and while I'm sure she's had some work done, Christie is still looking natural enough to make 63 look unforgivably good, which might be what's generating the hater talk. Plus, you can't make those legs look better going under the knife and her stems are still top notch.

Kim Basinger

Full disclosure, I did use a picture of Kim at the 2004 premiere of CELLULAR, mainly because the more recent premieres have her looking angry and stony-faced rather than her former sly & suggestive self that we grew up with. Kim is definitely the one in these three who has had the most work (she's one year older than the others) and the most contentious public persona as well, so that might be contributing to her now ever-present sourpuss expressions.

Rene Russo

I get excited to see Russo's name appear in any movie because while she might not be the flashiest or the prettiest, she's always the most relatable. You get the impression that not only does a woman like her exist (no matter which character she's playing), she's one you really want to know. The real life Russo is the same, with a certain something that sets her apart from being the traditional Hollywood fixture.

Which mature babe still turns your wheels: Christie, Kim or Rene?

Source: IMDB


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