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BOTB London Babes: Daisy Ridley vs Emilia Clarke vs Hayley Atwell

03.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Gina Carano is your favorite bad cop, based on the feedback from last week (where I forgot to swap out the correct names, and boy would JenCon look awesome with that fuller figure, no?). Speaking of bad stuff, it seems that the trouble besieging Mike Banning is following him from the White House across the pond in this week's sequel, LONDON IS FALLING. So here are 3 of the hottest ladies who hail from London (minus Kate Beckinsale because it's never really a battle when Becks struts onto the scene).

Daisy Ridley

I gotta say, while I wasn't as huge of a fan of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS as those who drove it to the insane box office tallies it's sitting at right now, the one thing I really liked about the movie was Finn. After that, Daisy Ridley's butt-kicking Rey was pretty darn swell. It's nice to have a great heroine take center stage (somewhat). I look forward to her killing it with her dad. Or uncle. Or whatever she turns out to be in relation to Luke.

Emilia Clarke

One of the things that's standing out to me about the trailer for ME BEFORE YOU is that Emilia Clarke is so freakin' cute in it, I'm nearly tempted to go watch that schmaltzy piece of crap. Because I read the book and let me tell you, it's a schmaltzy piece of crap that's only a hair better than a Nicholas Sparks book because of better prose but still sappy themes. That means a lot, especially since Clarke has taken some hits from the critics who couldn't stand her as Sarah Connor.

Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell is positively gorgeous and one of the more fun personalities from the cast of actors in the Marvel universe. The only problem seems to be that she's stuck there and while I might trek to see the films, I'm really not all that turned on by watching her show, "Agent Carter." Prior to joining the comic book world, Atwell was great alongside masterful actors Farrell and McGregor in CASSANDRA'S DREAM, that dreary Woody Allen film that no one wants to remember. I'd like to see her do more of that work, modern and sexy. Although those curves are timeless.

Which London babe makes you want to beat the bishop: Daisy, Emilia or Hayley?

Source: IMDB


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