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BOTB Little Sisters: Abigail Breslin vs Elizabeth Olsen Vs Hilary Duff

06.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor

FINDING DORY was a huge winner at the box office last weekend, drowning all of the previous records for Pixar, PG-rated and movies with a fish as the lead characters. We all were winners when it came to the Battle of the Busty Bikini Models, with most of you favoring Kate Upton but no one turning down Charlotte McKinney or Ashley James either. And as much as we're assuming that INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE is going to blast to the top due to a boost from the impeding holiday weekend, I'm still going with THE NEON DEMON for inspiration with this week's battle because aliens are cool, but definitely not hot. These actress little sisters? Totally different story.

Abigail Breslin

Now that she's grown up and all filled out, it's easy to forget that her brother, Spencer Breslin, had a promising career when he was a child, playing Bruce Willis' younger self in THE KID and dabbling in other big budget films like THE HAPPENING and MEET THE PARENTS. Still, he never danced to "Super Freak" or managed to grow a lush pair of breasticles, so who cares about him anyway? Abigail might be younger but I'm guessing she's the one in the seat of power at the Thanksgiving dinner table in the Breslin household.

Elizabeth Olsen

You can laugh at how ridiculous her older twin sisters have become since their shared time as the baby on "Full House," but understand that their income from that show helped finance their parents' conception of Elizabeth, who was born when "Full House" was in its fourth season. Call them the Olsen trolls, but those trolls paved the way for the charming and disarmingly beautiful little sister who would go on to wow us and warp our minds in THE AVENGERS.

Hilary Duff

I get the impression that Haylie Duff might have wanted to be a bigger star than she turned out to be before settling for being that other Duff sister. From Lizzie McGuire doodles to cat fights with LiLo over Aaron Carter to balcony blowjobs to those now-famous butt jeans, Hilary is the Duff sister you love the most.

Which famous little sister gets big props from you: Abigail, Elizabeth or Hilary?

Source: IMDB


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