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BOTB Kong Babes: Brie Larson vs Jessica Lange vs Naomi Watts

03.09.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It was a fairly even match last week, when we took a look at three ladies from the series of X-MEN babes, with Jennifer Lawrence & Sophie Turner tied and Zoe Kravitz only one vote behind matching them. Would it have been any different if Olivia Munn had been included? Guess we'll never know. With little new to choose from at the box office this weekend, it looks like it's all KONG: SKULL ISLAND, all the time. Here are three of the women from the most recent monstrous ape movies (unless anyone wants to complain that technically Linda Hamilton should be in here).

Brie Larson

I don't know if I would go so far as to say that Brie Larson is the best actress here, what with all three ladies being stellar at their profession and I certainly can't say she's the sexiest because that's just not true either. But she's got a combination of sass and approachability that the other two lack, even during their younger years. So for some, this might just be the dame you want to run off with.

Naomi Watts

I have bad memories of the time that I saw Peter Jackson's KING KONG, because people who bring infants to a movie and refuse to take them out of the theater when they cry make me memorably angry. Of course, Naomi Watts in her little slip dress, standing on the top of a building, not blowing off like a little twig, is pretty memorable too. Because she's just that tough, with the ability to defy nature.

Jessica Lange

Most people are going to think of Jessica Lange of late, mainly from her scene stealing moments on the first four seasons of American Horror Story. And while she's "sexy for an older woman" as most people put it, she was scorching when she was younger, airing her nipples out while fighting off Kong. I think Jess might have catapulted a bunch of dudes into manhood from that cheesy 70's excursion into the jungle.

Which Kong babe makes you feel animalistic: Brie, Naomi or Jessica?

Source: IMDB


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