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BOTB Insurgent Dames: Ashley Judd vs Kate Winslet vs Maggie Q

03.19.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week you were all partial to the stepmotherly charms of "Once Upon a Time" villainess, Lana Parrilla. Not surprisingly, audiences were all about embracing the tired old tale of the girl with the glass slipper as CINDERELLA did mad bank at the box office. With the girl power dystopian saga INSURGENT bringing back the wily Shailene Woodley and her gaggle of smoldering cougars, will the fairy tale or the gritty fantasy world prevail? Perhaps it's easier to judge the elder hotties this week instead.

Ashley Judd

I respect Judd as an actress, having watched her be brave in role choices over the course of her career and holding up her own apart from the tabloid mess that her family tends to be. It's good to see her get into mom type roles because she's finally in that age demo but also be those mom types with her signature no-nonsense delivery. Makes even the most implausible stories like the DIVERGENT series seem actually possible.

Kate Winslet

Winslet gets the mad woman slash baddie designation for these movies, a brave step away from the majority of her other career picks. We're constantly seeing Winslet as the doe-eyed beauty who looks for love and finds it in the arms of some stumbling, bumbling anti-hero. I like her bad. It highlights the sexy she's usually repressing in so many other roles.

Maggie Q

Having read the books that these movies are based on, I can tell you that Maggie got the lamest older brave female role out of the bunch. She's full of anger and vengeance but doesn't get to do a whole lot about it. Sure, she looks outstanding as the tougher tattooed mentor to Shailene but ultimately the character is a let down both to the story and to Maggie's ability to act.

Which INSURGENT older dame would you most like to make a new world order with: Ashley, Kate or Maggie?

Source: IMDB


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