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BOTB Hot Witches: Emma Watson vs Emmy Rossum vs Jenna Dewan

10.22.2015by: Cherry Liquor

GOOSEBUMPS knocked off the rest of the movie competition last week, getting big numbers for a PG-13 spookfest. The stars from the original show that I featured in the battle from last week didn't pull in as strong of numbers but everyone seemed to be evenly divided on their love of A.J. Cook, Katharine Isabelle and Laura Vandervoort. Will things be as easy for you to decide amongst the witches of this battle, or will you get all Vin Diesel and want to off them like he does in THE LAST WITCH HUNTER?

Emma Watson

Despite the fact that she was a little girl when the HARRY POTTER movies started coming out, by the time that the money making machine ground to a final halt, Watson was a legal adult. It's also impossible to have a battle of the hot witches without including pop culture's favorite modern day witch, Hermione Granger. If it were up to me, which luckily for the entire world it's not, I would have gone with Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix because she's far more of an evil badass, which is the witch I prefer.

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum is easily my favorite babe in Hollywood and not just because she's beautiful and talented. Every single time this girl opens her mouth for an interview, I'm laughing or leaning on my hand with a fangirl sigh, she's just that cool. Too bad the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES film from a couple of years back didn't pan out well. The subsequent sequels would have provided us with more slinky, sexy scene stealing from Emmy as Ridley, the black sheep witch of the family.

Jenna Dewan

I personally think that Jenna Dewan is the most underrated beauty acting right now. In fact, I think she has acting skills that get overlooked, leading to roles on silly Lifetime Channel shows like "Witches of East End." The girl is vampy, campy and downright insanely gorgeous and deserves better material. (I might not want to mock WoEE because I haven't gotten around to watching it. Still too gunshy of Lifetime on a whole.) If only we could trade her Hollywood stock for her husband's, there might be some better (and more beautiful) stuff to watch.

Which sexy witch casts a spell on you: Emma, Emmy or Jenna?

Source: IMDB


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