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BOTB Hot Models: Charlotte McKinney vs Emily Ratajkowski vs Candice Swanepoel

02.11.2016by: Cherry Liquor

While PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES might have tanked at the box office last weekend, the battle it inspired certainly caught your attention. Lauren Cohan is the reigning queen of zombie slaying, according to the feedback from last Thursday although she was followed very closely by Sarah Dumont, who could teach us all a thing or two about looking hot and bringing death to the undead. It surprised me to see that Emma Stone took third, although it wasn't by a huge margin. Seems picking your favorite zombie hunting hottie was harder than you might have expected. This week, in honour of those who are really, really ridiculous good looking in ZOOLANDER 2, here are three of your favorite models featured regularly on this site. Will the decision be as hard this week as it was the last?

Charlotte McKinney

I can't tell from one week to the next if I'm going to love Charlotte McKinney. At first I wasn't as impressed as I perhaps should have been, pegging her as a Kate Upton wannabe before Upton seemed to fall off the face of the Earth. While Charlotte doesn't have that sparkling prettiness that graces Kate's features, I admire that she hasn't chopped up her nose at the plastic surgeon's and that she's honestly trying to expand herself out of being simply the big boobie model that she first gained attention for being. Hopefully the onslaught of press she gets will remain mostly positive and that she won't shy away from showing off what made everyone love her in the first place.

Emily Ratajkowski

I want to like EmRat. I strive to like EmRat. However, there's something keeping me from fully committing to being a EmRat fanatic and I couldn't place my finger on it if I tried. If I were to wager a guess, it's partly because she's attempting to make more of her acting career than her modeling one and the breathy Marilyn Monroe delivery of lines doesn't sound right coming out of those over-plumped lips of hers. While it might work in something like GONE GIRL, the same can't be said of other films, like ENTOURAGE or WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS. I might suggest that Emily not back away from her roots too soon, for chance of withering before her time is up.

Candice Swanepoel

A few years back, before she fought her way to the title of most well-recognized and celebrated Victoria's Secret model in the stable, I was trumpeting the greatness of Swaney, posting pics of her photoshoots, waxing poetic about that awesome skinny girl's ass of hers. Now that everyone else has caught on to Candice's eye-popping beauty, I'm really rather over her. She's been doing the same thing for years and while it's smart to recognize a good thing while you have it, it might be nice to see this Angel spread her wings a little bit more.

Which really, ridiculously hot model would you most like to get Zoolandish with: Charlotte, Emily or Candice?

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