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BOTB Hot Cops: Brad Pitt vs Harrison Ford vs Keanu Reeves

08.14.2014by: Cherry Liquor

Last week's storm babes brought in less bank than those pesky mutant turtles but there was still a large and equal amount of love for Emmy Rossum and Diane Lane, a couple of the dames who weathered the rough competition. This week, between the sausage fest that is THE EXPENDABLES 3 and the fake cop comedy LET'S BE COPS, I'm going with my 3 favorite manly protectors of the peace. If you can't beat 'em, throw your dick in the ring with 'em!

Brad Pitt

Some girls preferred the Brad Pitt of THELMA & LOUISE, cowboy thief orgasm-giving drifter in a tight pair of Wranglers that he was. Some like the elder Pitt, wrinkling up but still buff for FIGHT CLUB. I prefer the "golden years" of Pitt, when he was super blonde, trying his hand at more wild roles (12 MONKEYS is another fave of mine from this Pitt period) and screaming about what was in the box in SE7EN. Handcuff me anytime, boy-yo.

Harrison Ford

Yeah, my first crush was on Han Solo. I doubt any of you will fault me for that one. But because my dad was partial to grittier sci-fi, I ended up watching BLADE RUNNER more than the STAR WARS films when I was wee and damned if the gruff Harrison in the future without the hairy sidekick ended up staying with me to my modern years.

Keanu Reeves

Much like Pitt, Reeves went through a number of phases during his illustriously panned career. Sure, in his BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE 80's skater dude time he looked like my disheveled first boyfriend and that will always have a place in my heart. But Johnny Utah? Mmmm.... that was the F! B! I! agent for me.

Which hot cop would you like to be your bad boy: Brad, Harrison or Keanu?

Source: IMDB


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