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BOTB Hell's Kitchen Babes: Amy Rutberg vs Rachael Taylor vs Simone Missick

08.24.2017by: Cherry Liquor

When we took a look at the babes of racing movies (well, and TV, since Blood Drive isn't a movie), it was an even match for those of you who love Christina Ochoa and the rest of you who were into Riley Keough. Since there isn't anything big getting released in the theaters this week, I have to consider what else is going on and after bingeing all of The Defenders this week, I feel like it's time for the side-chicks (and wow, NetFlix has been so much more proficient at creating a cast of women who don't just support but get in the mix and kick ass than in the Marvel movies) of Hell's Kitchen to get some love.

Amy Rutberg

I don't know much about Amy Rutberg other than the times she's popped up on Daredevil to seduce her old flame Foggy (when I was a little girl, I wanted to meet Elden Henson because he was the kid in THE MIGHTY DUCKS who was tough but tender with the crazy slapshot and, well, girls are easy to please like that sometimes). I did notice that she has a bit of a Gillian Anderson vibe to her eyes and is built like a short little brick house. So I'm giving her more attention here because I think she has the chops to compete with the big league hotties.

Rachael Taylor

Other than being turned off by her character in the first TRANSFORMERS movies, Taylor is one of those hard-working blonde Aussie babes who never disappoints, even if she's gotten picked up for some disappointing movies & TV shows (anyone remember the failed Charlie's Angels reboot?). As Jessica Jones' trusted bestie, Taylor gets a chance to shine without the weight of needing to carry a show this time around.

Simone Missick

Without getting into any spoilers for those of you who can't binge an 8-episode season like the rest of us mere mortals, let me just say that I can't wait to see Misty Knight get her bionic arm. What's great in the meantime is checking out Missick as the modern day Coffy/Foxy Brown/Pam Grier ass kicking blaxploitation heroine, with her insane curves (that chest can't be hidden even under the plainest of cop-chic conservative wear) and commanding presence.

Which Hell's Kitchen babe would you most like to get defended by: Amy, Rachael or Simone?

Source: IMDB


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