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BOTB Hawaiian Hotties: Kelly Hu vs Shannyn Sossamon vs Tia Carrere

05.28.2015by: Cherry Liquor

There was a luke-warm reception for TOMORROWLAND last weekend at the box office and a similarly tepid response to the former Disney babes featured in last week's battle, although Vanessa Hudgens managed to pull out the win over Aly Michalka with one extra vote. This week we get to see some very white people all over the Hawaiian islands in the latest offering from Cameron Crowe, so I thought I'd feature a few babes who have actual Hawaiian blood in them.

Kelly Hu

I think the first time I paid attention to Kelly Hu was when she was featured in X-MEN 2 as Lady Deathstrike. What's surprising is how often Hu works, whether in real-life or voiceover roles. I feel as if we never see enough of this ageless island beauty.

Shannyn Sossamon

Sossamon might have an array of different ethnicities in her but Hawaiian is definitely one of them. Shannyn was born in Honolulu and one of her middles names is the vowel ladened, Kahololani. I've loved this girl since A KNIGHT'S TALE and often find myself wishing that more movie royalty looked as exotically beautiful as she.

Tia Carrere

Is there really any other babe from Hawaii that can touch the unending sexiness of Tia Carrere? I get the feeling that the docotrs were saying "Schwing!" when she was born and the praise hasn't stopped since. At 48-years old, Tia is still a (wet) dream weaver.

Which Hawaiian hottie makes your mai' kola aloha: Kelly, Shannyn or Tia?

Source: IMDB


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