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BOTB Greek Babes: Mena Suvari vs Maria Menounos vs Tiffani Thiessen

03.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It was Elizabeth Gillies who ended up victorious in our battle of the "Victorious" babes last week, showing up Justice, who was a close second and Grande, who still has a lot of fans. For those of us who aren't all about the comic book movies, there are a few other options opening up at the theaters this weekend, including MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2, which just makes me think of hot Greek women, so...

Mena Suvari

I actually had no clue that Mena was Greekbut she gets it from her mother's side (her father is of Estonian descent... I wonder if he hangs out with Brenden Fraser?). No telling if she also gets that famously large booty of hers from her mother as well, although having a full posterior seems to be a defining factor of Greek women in general.

Maria Menounos

Speaking of famously full posteriors, the most well-known Greek butt in Hollywood town is pop news correspondent Maria Menounos, who has always been rather upfront about her Greek origin. This lady not only wears bikinis in the design of the Greek flag but during her brief stint with Smackdown, she slipped into some tight blue & white spandex as well.

Tiffani Thiessen

Also one of those ladies I wouldn't have guessed has a Greek background is our favorite high school cheerleader, Kelly... uh, I mean Tiffani Thiessen. While her daddy was German, her mother was a mix of Greek, Turkisk and Welsh, all of which combined churned out one of the hottest ladies with dark hair and light eyes. Thiessen hasn't been as prominent in the spotlight lately, what with focusing on being the hottest MILF out there instead.

Which Greek babe makes you scream "OPA!!" - Mena, Maria or Tiffani?

Source: IMDB


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