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BOTB Gosling's Gals: Emma Stone vs Eva Mendes vs Rachel McAdams

05.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor

When it comes to money makers, you like 'em big. That is, you love the size of Katy Perry's chest so intensely that she ended up being your favorite in the match-up of the top paid ladies from each of the main entertainment fields. You might be boob guys but Ryan Gosling has long been seen as one of THE NICE GUYS, long before he made the movie that's getting released this week. Here are three of his main ladies, fictional and reality past and present. Dude has great taste.

Emma Stone

You aren't the only ones in love with Emma Stone's butt. The actress has been popularly paired with Ryan Gosling in both CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE and THE GANGSTER SQUAD and will be will be hitting the big screen again when the two are paired for LA LA LAND this upcoming December. They're a good match, all twinkling eyes that seduce the camera almost as much as they seduce each other, makign us fall in love with their what-might-have-been.

Eva Mendes

Ryan has always loved the ladies a little bit older, from the time when he was a young thing hooking up with Sandra Bullock after their time working on MURDER BY THE NUMBERS to his long-standing relationship with Mendes, the lady he's made his baby mama twice times over now. The couple met while working on a movie but have kept a very low profile since. It's a smart idea on his part, what with Eva being one of the sexiest actresses in recent years.

Rachel McAdams

Ladies love THE NOTEBOOK (every lady except for me, who breaks out in hives around anything Nicholas Sparks related) and nothing is more rich than when a favorite on screen couple end up a real couple, even if it means that the fans have to share their favorite guy. Even with so many years past, there are still those who hold out hope that Rachel McAdams will reclaim Gosling's heart - even if only on film.

Which of Gosling's gals are you the most jealous about: Emma, Eva or Rachel?

Source: IMDB


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