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BOTB Goosebumps Girls: AJ Cook vs Katharine Isabelle vs Laura Vandervoort

10.15.2015by: Cherry Liquor

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that Lily Rabe is one of those underrated beauties out there who needs some more recognition. Rabe may not have bested Emma Roberts to be the favorite from last week's battle of the "American Horror Story" babes, but it wasn't a runaway for Eric's daughter either, with many of you proclaiming your affection for Taissa Farmiga as well. This week at the movies, we have the adult horror option in CRIMSON PEAK or for those of us who grew up in the '90's and don't mind sitting through what is sure to be a watered down version of something that was already watered down (we just didn't realize it back then), there's GOOSEBUMPS. Here are three of the actresses who made appearances on the original television show, all lovely Canadians as well, to (a)boot.

A.J. Cook

When you're an actress, it's a lot more lucrative to find a regular paying gig than have to bounce around looking for work and hoping someone will think you're thin enough/blonde enough/exotic enough/funny enough/ just plain enough enough for a role. So I can't knock on A.J. Cook for taking on her "Criminal Minds" role for the past 10 years, even if the show is hokier than anything R.L. Stine could have dreamed up. Cook still looks as if she could play a teenager, even as she pushes 40, another feat the master of teen horror couldn't match.

Katharine Isabelle

I have a thing for lower budget, more independent horror films, when I do indulge in the genre. If anything, most from that category are fairly low budget on the whole, but Isabelle has been picking winners ever since she was a teenager and impressed us in GINGER SNAPS. I can laugh off a whole lot of the campier movies out there, even with their blood and gore, but her turn in AMERICAN MARY gave me a case of perpetual Goosebumps.

Laura Vandervoort

The most well known of the girls to have taken a turn around the Goosebumps campfire, Laura Vandervoort has appeared on the remake of "V," the Superman CW show "Smallville" and more recently has been delightfully vampy on SyFy's "Bitten." I'm liking her more now, later in her career, but Laura is still a bit too thin and a tad to PETA-y for my personal tastes. She's still a gorgeous woman, though.

Which original Goosebumps show cast member grew up the best: AJ, Katharine or Laura?

Source: IMDB


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