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BOTB Girl on the Train: Emily Blunt vs Haley Bennett vs Rebecca Ferguson

10.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It was a three-way tie last week over the girls from FLOCK OF DUDES, although there weren't really a lot of comments to make it a true battle. What, I should have made it Kate Hudson vs Kristen Wiig vs Eva Green? I think we all know that would have been tragically unbalanced. This week, let's focus on a movie ripe with the babes for plucking from, even though not a single one of their characters from THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN are particularly enticing when it comes to picking a suitable wife from. (I know, it's so annoying when someone has already read the book and knows all the spoilers.)

Emily Blunt

The first time I saw Emily Blunt, I was instantly taken with her, as the snarky assistant who put Anne Hathaway in her place in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. She's had some highs and lows in her career since then but she upped her game since becoming a mom, taking some more chances and going for broke with her performances, even if she's way too pretty to play the Rachel that was in the book.

Haley Bennett

I gotta tell you, after watching THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, I had a lot of issues but none of them were with Haley Bennett. (Or at least, not with her performance. I want to ask which one of the costume designers truly believed that a farmer's wife would be wearing off-the-shoulder tops and still sport pale white skin. Because, well, that's f*cking asinine.) Bennett is sharp and captures the camera with her stare, all of which will be perfect when she plays the coveted trophy wife next door, Megan.

Rebecca Ferguson

Even though she's been popping up in a lot of big name, big budget projects, I still have yet to see what Rebecca Ferguson can do. Good thing her character of Anna in the film isn't exactly the deepest of puddles after a downpour. She's certainly pretty enough to be the woman you leave your wife and create a new life with, unlike so many of the other women out there in the world.

Which THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN star are you most wanting to take for a ride: Emily, Haley or Rebecca?

Source: IMDB


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