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BOTB Girl Fight: Gina Carano vs Lea Seydoux vs Sofia Boutella

02.16.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It was a close one last week, something that most gamers don't want to hear. The winner by one vote was Rosario Dawson, proving that while some of you might think Mila Kunis has SuperMilf powers, others might still not be able to get past her whiny That '70's Show days. And Ronda Rousey might have been better suited for a battle such as this week's, centered around a few of the sexiest fighting dames in recent movies that turn my gears, inspired by the lackluster-looking FIST FIGHT, new at the box office this weekend.

Gina Carano

Name a movie that Gina Carano has been in and you'll have seen a fight. It makes sense, considering that she got her start as an MMA fighter and used to kick ass for real. Between her lead role in HAYWIRE, for which I love her for kicking the shit out of Channing Tatum and dishing up the hurt on Colossus (I feel as if I will never forgive them for suggesting that she had her tits out and then not showing that she had her tits out) in DEADPOOL, you can't go wrong with a beat down from this lady.

Lea Seydoux

Lea Seydoux has a way of staring into your soul with her hyper-judgmental Frenchie eyes and cutting you down to size but it was when she went up against Paula Patton in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE that I got the true scope of what a physical badass she could be. That scene stands as one of my favorite girl fights because it wasn't just about hair pulling and sexy screams, those women were out for blood. I can't say I wouldn't mind Lea drawing some on me.

Sofia Boutella

Ever since she was Gazelle in KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, I've loved this babe. Sofia was mostly just a dancer when she booked the role of the razor footed assassin and holy shit did she slice and dice better than the toughest action dames out there. She was so impressive that it gained her a role in STAR TREK BEYOND and was so adorable there that Tom Cruise requested her for his MUMMY reboot, where she looks like she's going to keep kicking ass.

Which girl fighter would you most lke to feel the hurt from: Gina, Lea or Sofia?

Source: IMDB


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