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BOTB Giant Babes: Adrianne Palicki vs Karlie Kloss vs Maria Sharapova

06.30.2016by: Cherry Liquor

THE NEON DEMON didn't even do good numbers for an art house indie during its release last weekend, but you all seemed to love the little sisters in the battle, crowning Elizabeth Olsen the hottest of the famous little sisters, with much love for competitors Hillary Duff and Abigail Breslin as well. This week there are a bunch of movies for FINDING DORY to smash, including THE BFG, a Spielberg ode to Roald Dahl's Big Friendly Giant, which makes me think about BHG - Beautiful Hot Giants - those gorgeous women who measure far taller than the average.

Adrianne Palicki

Most actresses who have succeeded in cracking the mysterious equation that adds up to A-lister fame have figured out that if you're too tall for most of your co-stars, you're not going to be on many short lists. Palicki has a history of killing her projects before they have a chance to get off the ground (that Wonder Woman show, the delay of both the RED DAWN remake and the GI JOE sequel), nearly as long as her 5'11" frame's legs. Still, Adrianne is one of the hottest women in the higher atmosphere, making her great for this battle.

Karlie Kloss

While she'd been modeling for Victoria's Secret for a bit before getting outed as the number one gal in Taylor Swift's "squad," Karlie Kloss is now the name whispered amongst the conspiracy theorists who suggest all of Swift's media manipulation (and that phony as f@ck Tom Hiddleston "relationship" business) is but the beard on Tay-Tay's not so hetero leanings. Put that association aside for a minute and marvel at the lean stems on 6'1" Kloss, who is a gorgeous and interesting young woman all by herself.

Maria Sharapova

It might be a little unfair of me to refer to Maria as the athlete of the group, considering that the tennis player was recently suspended for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. She's been barred from competing for 2 years, something that experts are claiming is the nail in her career's coffin, which might just open the doors for a modeling career, seeing as how Sharapova's 6'2" height is even more of an advantage in getting your picture taken than smacking a ball with a racket.

Which tall hottie would you go long for: Adrianne, Karlie or Maria?

Source: IMDB


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