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BOTB Frankenstein Babes: Jessica Findlay Brown v Kate Beckinsale v Yvonne Strahovski

11.26.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Wow, it finally happened. I didn't think the day would ever come but last week, matching up babes who are twins, it turned out that more of you preferred Eva Green over the (formerly) unbeatable Scarlett Johansson. Gisele brought in a few votes but it was the French goddess who took the title (her fraternal sister is married to an Italian count, so I doubt she's crying in her corn flakes over it). This week we're looking at some babes who have gone up against the mad scientist who likes playing god, with Professor X & Harry Potter in the Thanksgiving week release, VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN.

Jessica Findlay Brown

At the start of her career, trying to get some exposure, Jessica Findlay Brown decided to expose her breasts for art. Yes, you can go check out her very, very nice boobies in the indie flick, ALBATROSS if you're so inclined. The actress has since done interviews talking about how she regrets the decision to bare nipples but I think it works in her favor. She got enough attention that she scored regular work on "Downton Abbey" and is the pretty face sorely needed in VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN. Then again, she might have gotten more from her Fappening hacks. Either way, we're all winners!

Kate Beckinsale

I figured that if the unbeatable ScarJo could get knocked off her pedestal, I'd try a repeat by putting Kate Beckinsale in a battle where... who am I kidding? You're all going to pick Kate, even if using her movie VAN HELSING pushes the Frankenstein theme. I don't honestly understand the wild, unwavering obsession that people have with KBecks. She's gorgeous but so infrequently turns in a memorable (note: good) performance that I can overlook her lack of talent solely for her appearance.

Yvonne Strahovski

I feel terrible that Strahovski seems to have a difficult time finding strong footing in Hollywood. She's beautiful, adorable, darling and yet looks tough enough to believably carry off action hero roles. She's talented (her turn on "Dexter" was enough to prove that), so what's the deal? Especially with I, FRANKENSTEIN, which is so utterly ridiculous, it's fun in that awfully good kind of way. She deserved better. Someone really needs to give her better.

Which Frankenstein babe makes your fire burn brightest: Jessica, Kate or Yvonne?

Source: IMDB


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