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BOTB Former Disney Babes: Aly Michalka vs Selena Gomez vs Vanessa Hudgens

05.21.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week everyone was loving on the newer faces in the women of MAD MAX but the consensus came to Abbey Lee being the most intriguing of the trio (I liked her as The Dag, personally). Now we're moving on to TOMORROWLAND, a film that doesn't look all that interesting to me and that hasn't been getting too many pre-release good reviews. The freaks who possess an insatiable love for everything Disney will surely make the film a hit, much as they've turned some of their former young Disney stars into severely lusted after babes. Here are three former Disney chicks for you to argue over.

Aly Michalka

For being such a twit whenever she's interviewed, Aly (or Alyson, whatever) Michalka remains one of the sexiest former young ladies of Disney, even at the expense of the sister she forever overshadows. Michalka has had an off-and-on career in terms of success post-Disney, with the highlight being her boobcentric role in EASY A.

Selena Gomez

The center of minor controversy lately because of the extra 15 pounds she's put on, Selena Gomez has been wildly successful in her post-Disney career, from the Top 40 pop music singing to the brave bikini indie flick SPRING BREAKERS. And the more people try to tear her down for gaining a few, the more I like her, so all that hating is counterproductive, people.

Vanessa Hudgens

It's taken her a few years and some enthusiastic angling to emerge free of her former HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL days but it seems as if Vanessa is rising above her leaked nude pictures and lousy initial movie choices (BEASTLY was just that - a beast of a movie to try and sit through) to making waves as a Broadway darling and a fashion icon fixture on red carpets. Her exotics looks and perpetual smiles are a solid platform for her to continue coasting on.

Which former Disney lovely lass do you get all Mickey over: Aly, Selena or Vanessa?

Source: IMDB


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