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BOTB Female Rappers: Angel Haze vs Brooke Candy vs Tiffany Foxx

08.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor

FANTASTIC FOUR certainly had a rough week. Between slow ticket sales (the film couldn't even crack #1, getting beaten out by Tom Cruise's 5th MI movie during its second week of release) and the ladies of the FF franchise didn't fare so hot either. Only a few of your responded and the feedback was split between Mara & Alba, although everyone seemed to agree that Jessica wasn't suited for the role of Sue Storm. (The Facebook page for DOOMED, a documentary about Roger Corman's version of the superhero team was decidedly in favor of Rebecca Staab being in the mix.) For this week, it's slim pickings with new releases, leaving the field wide open for the biopic, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON to dominate. I thought we could look at 3 of the hottest upcoming female rappers - no, there's not an Iggy or Nicki in sight. These are my three favorite women in the rhyme game right now.

Angel Haze

Maybe you know of Angel Haze because she's the former girlfriend of Alec & Kim's daughter, Ireland Baldwin. Maybe you caught onto her song with Nacey, "I Own It," from its use in movies like 22 JUMPSTREET and THE DUFF. You can't go wrong with pretty much any of the songs from the 23-year old Detroit native. Haze delivers fast, smooth and smart. I'd liken her to being the second coming of Missy Elliot but I believe Angel can stand on her own without comparison.

Brooke Candy

Imagine Amanda Bynes got knocked up with Miley Cyrus' lovechild and adopted by Lady Gaga and you have Brooke Candy. She's frequently and unabashedly nude in that not-meant-for-your-titillation way that Cyrus is known for, a bit wacky and unafraid to speak gibberish like Bynes and her most infamous and styled so richly, I suspect even Gaga is jealous. This is the woman who will wipe Iggy Azalea off the rap landscape, scare white parents in middle America to their core while they secretly sing along with her songs in their soccer mom SUVs.

Tiffany Foxx

It's unfair to refer to Tiffany Foxx as simply Lil' Kim's protege. Foxx is thick, raps like a stacked kingpin (queenpin?) and balances the demands on girl musicians to be sexy & talented like a boss. Her music makes you feel drunk with its R&B stylings and as the self-named Black Goldilocks, you're going to want to have her in your bed, eating your porridge.  

Which female rapper speaks to you the most: Angel, Brooke or Tiffany?

Source: IMDB


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