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BOTB: Fast Food Hotties: Eva Mendes vs Gwen Stefani vs Rachel McAdams

01.19.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Since writing last week's Battle of the Babes featuring 3 hotties from a few of the most binge worthy shows, I also binged the entire first season of Sneaky Pete and already in withdrawals in anticipation of season 2. Luckily, the winner from the battle, Winona Ryder, will return with a second season of her show, Stranger Things, some time hopefully in July of this year. Ellie Kemper got some love while Maria Bello was frozen out of the race. For this week's release of THE FOUNDER, I thought we could take a look at 3 women who had to slave away at fast food jobs before hitting it big.

Eva Mendes

Long before she become the most envied woman on the planet for being the baby mama to everyone's boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes was just a sweet teenager jumping up and down on lemons at Hot Dog on a Stick. I can see her in that little striped outfit too, jiggling away as she made that tasty lemonade for the bemusement of the food court.

Gwen Stefani

She was just a girl serving up Blizzards at the local Dairy Queen in Orange County, California, back before No Doubt blew up and Gwen Stefani didn't have to be a slave to menial labor any longer. Now a fashion icon and makeup/perfume goddess, I'm guessing she's fairly happy to not be whipping up the cold for the general public, considering she's so hot now, it'd all just melt around her.

Rachel McAdams

She's a hard one to beat when it comes to battling other babes but according to Rachel, she was easy to get in trouble during the 3 years that she worked at a McDonald's. The Canadian lovely said that she got into trouble for breaking the orange juice machine while working a breakfast shift one time. I don't know, I'm pretty sure the customers would have been plenty happy to have her come over and break something of theirs at their house.

Which fast food hottie would you most like to serve you: Eva, Gwen or Rachel?

Source: IMDB


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