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BOTB Fantasy Babes: Emma Watson vs Felicity Jones vs Katheryn Winnick

11.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It was harder to please audience goers than it was to get you guys' motors running with the sci-fi offerings of Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and Sanaa Lathan. There was no lack of love for any of the ladies but you still prefer to be under the thumb of the JLaw. Too bad Amy's new movie (which I've heard great things about but like you, didn't go see) couldn't get as much traction. This week we're looking at a venture into the world of Harry Potter, sans the Harry Potter, with FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM. It was a bit tricky to think of a way to tie in the film with babes, but you don't really care about themes, do you?

Emma Watson

I am often in awe of how eloquent and elegant Emma Watson is when carrying out her mission to spread understand and love across the globe as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, seeking to help build on gender equality. I don't find her as drop-dead gorgeous as some of you do, but I appreciate what she's been doing a helluva lot more than the passing phase of what's attractive. In the upcoming live-action version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, which everyone has been going nutty for the trailer, breaking the 24-hour viewing record (which I'm mainly happy about since it kicked that horrible FIFTY SHADES sequel off the top spot), Emma looks the part of Belle probably more than any of the other actresses they've hired for similar endeavors. I probably shouldn't brag that I got to see the unfinished version of the movie back in March of this year, but yeah, I've already seen the movie.

Felicity Jones

It's not going to get the same kind of worldwide phenomenon following that the straight up STAR WARS sequels do, but ROGUE ONE should do some brisk business next month. I'm going to bet that a good chuck of that will come from the fact that its star, Felicity Jones, is such a captivating young woman, and well, women love to support projects where women are still clothes and guys are hoping that throwing change at it now might mean a sexy slave costume in the future.

Katheryn Winnick

The biggest disappointment this year, at least for fantasy/sci-fi fans everywhere, was finding out that the much anticipated release of THE DARK TOWER was getting pushed from February to late July of 2017. It makes sense that producers would want to turn this fanboy's wet dream into a summer blockbuster, but it would have been nice to see something this big in the dead of cold, when there's not a whole lot else going on. And of course it would have been nice to have the sexy Katheryn Winnick heat up our winters for us, since she's not going to be our Captain Marvel instead.

Which fantasy babe are you spending the most time daydreaming about: Emma, Felicity or Katheryn?

Source: IMDB


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