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BOTB Evil Stepmothers: Cate Blanchett vs Jennifer Coolidge vs Lana Parrilla

03.12.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I think it's awesome that many of you are still down with the babes who aren't newly minted, as evidenced by your love for last week's mature babes. Helen Mirren & Susan Sarandon still top your lists, tying in votes. As for this week, while the players here are all still mature (I promise I'll find a reason to feature more dewy newcomers soon), they're still stepmother material instead of grannies. And evil makes things so much fun.

Cate Blanchett

If you gave me a choice between CINDERELLA star Lily James and her evil stepmother, Cate Blanchett, I'd choose Cate every damn day. Not only is she wildly sensual with her unusual looks, she can play sweet or salty in her characters and she's not afraid of a few mean Tweets. I'd wipe up her soot and enjoy it.

Jennifer Coolidge

After compiling a list of hottest Cinderella-type characters and doing the math on how old Hilary Duff was for A CINDERELLA STORY, I realized I couldn't use her because she was underage at the time the movie was made. Didn't really matter much, as she's my least favorite Cindy. Her evil SoCal stepmama in the form of sexpot Jennifer Coolidge? Well, I can use that! It also helps that she was the best part of that movie and well, boobs on a funny woman is like bacon on a donut - unnecessary but totally awesome.

Lana Parrilla

Not quite an evil stepmother on "Once Upon a Time," Regina is perhaps even worse with her adopting a child and wanting to turn him into, well, I haven't quite figured that out. She vacillates between being a loving non-birth mother to one who doesn't seem to care the consequences to the child so long as she gets her way. But man, is she sexy when she does all of her wicked, wicked wrongdoings. Gotta love Parrilla for that alone.

Which evil stepmother would you most like to receive punishment from: Cate, Jennifer or Lana?

Source: IMDB


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