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BOTB Entourage: Emily Ratajkowski vs Emmanuelle Chriqui vs Ronda Rousey

06.04.2015by: Cherry Liquor

If you're paying attention to the women who hail from the Hawaiian islands, it'll make sense why so many tourists head to that state every year. The weather is great, the gorgeousness of Kelly Hu, last week's winner in the Battle of the Hawaiian Babes, is the cake. (I should mention Jarah Mariano, the write-in vote because I agree, she's a babe too.) This week we're returning to the bromantic lifestyle within the world of ENTOURAGE, perhaps the only place more densely populated with hotties than Hawaii.

Emily Ratajkowski

EmRat is new to the world of ENTOURAGE, seeing as how she was only 13-years old when the TV show originally began airing, but she's exactly the kind of babe that would have been cast if she was of age. I half-way suspect that the ulterior motive behind making this movie was to feature the women who are hot right now and if anyone is hot right now, it's Em.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

You know you love a woman if you dedicate to memory how to spell her odd last name. I might be living in the wrong part of the world to see it more frequently but Chriqui isn't a name that I've seen on anyone other than Emmanuelle. She's also one of the only women who can get me to watch stuff I otherwise might not have gone near ((YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN, anyone?). I still consider her to be one of the sexiest women alive and definitely one of the sexiest ones ever on television.

Ronda Rousey

Rousey is also new to the ENTOURAGE gang and based on the trailers alone, other than Ari, she's the main reason why I want to see the movie. While over the years Grenier has withered in his off-beat, hipster kind of hotness, our boy Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) has moved up more than one notch. I really hope he gets that dinner.

Which ENTOURAGE babe would you most like to hug it out with: Emily, Emmanuelle or Ronda?

Source: IMDB


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