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BOTB Dragon Babes: Bryce Dallas Howard vs Emilia Clarke vs Evangeline Lilly

08.11.2016by: Cherry Liquor

While it was a clear win for SUICIDE SQUAD at the box office last weekend, deciding which of the Kats was hottest seemed to be too big of a decision for tender-hearted souls. Based on those who commented, it looks as if Katharine McPhee is the most popular but there was no shortage of love for Dennings or Graham. While I could have you pick which food-named hottie was the most delish, I think I'm going for the more battle-ready dragon dames instead, in honour of PETE'S DRAGON

Bryce Dallas Howard

I'm still not sure where the curve on Bryce Dallas Howard have come from of late, seeing as how she was a fairly petite little thing at the start of her career and seems to lose weight handily after having babies, but hot damn do thick thighs and booty look good on her. With Bryce at the center of PETE'S DRAGON, we've all been enjoying her bootyful red carpet appearances, although they might come to a halt when she prepares to reprise her role in the next JURASSIC PARK movie, set for a 2018 release. Gotta have those runner stems for knocking out a high heeled sprint.

Emilia Clarke

I don't quite understand the logic behind Emilia Clarke's haters, talking about her not being attractive (to put it nicely). One of the best things about Clarke is her personality, all twinkling giggles and wide smiles. While someone can be ugly on the inside and still be perfection on the surface, Clarke's natural demeanor only makes her more radiant in my opinion. And when it comes to dragons, ain't nobody beating the mother.

Evangeline Lilly

While I wasn't a fan of the bloated interpretation of THE HOBBIT, dragging out a small story over the course of 3 too-long movies, I am a fan of Evangeline Lilly when she's allowed to be a badass. And while it was significantly more awesome to watch her punch Paul Rudd in the face (not that I want to hurt that ageless, Baldwin puss of his), seeing her in the elfin gear, rocking the bow & arrow wasn't too shabby either.

Which dragon babe makes your libido soar: Bryce, Emilia or Evangeline?

Source: IMDB


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