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BOTB Dog Lovers: Amanda Seyfried vs Hilary Duff vs Katharine McPhee

01.26.2017by: Cherry Liquor

When it comes to these Battle of the Babes, Rachel McAdams is easily the toughest to beat, no matter who I put her up against. She handily dispensed of competition, Eva Mendes and Gwen Stefani, marking her as the former fast food worker you would have Mac'ked Big on. (Oh, I kill myself.) While there has been a lot of controversy around A DOG'S PURPOSE, it's still a great way to get a new battle going, with 3 of biggest dog lovin' hotties out there.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried's pup Finn is so well known that he's often cited by name when pictures of her are posted on the internet taking a walk with him. Amanda rescued Finn, an Australian Shepard, from a no-kill shelter when he was already an adult and has been vocal in expressing the importance of rescuing a dog rather than buying from a breeder, saying that he's her center and helps when she's feeling scatterbrained. If only he could have told her to lay off the exercise and keep her sweater puppies too.

Hilary Duff

Duff might not be photographed with her dogs as often as Seyfried but she has chronicled their lives through her Instagram, even breaking down when her chihuahua Lola died in 2015. I'm sure all of the dogs are trained to go into her closet and pick out the most flattering pair of butt jeans for her, earning our thanks as well.

Katharine McPhee

Last year, Katharine was on hand for the biggest pet adoption day in Los Angeles, posing with an older chihuahua that she ended up taking home herself. Kat says she immediately fell in love with 10-year old Wilmer, who was missing a front tooth that was pulled due to decay. There's a special place in everyone's hearts for those who take home elderly pets over puppies and I'm not excluded from that demographic.

Which dog lover would you most want to follow home: Amanda, Hilary or Katharine?

Source: IMDB


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