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BOTB Doctor Babes: Alice Eve vs Jennifer Aniston vs Jennifer Love Hewitt

11.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Last week, INFERNO wasn't as big of a hit as the execs might have wanted it to be, although on a Halloween weekend, could you really see a conspiracy theory movie beating Tyler Perry in drag in a Halloween themed flick? I know you wanted to see that, but you can't control the world of box office comings and goings. It's also not really up to the fanboy demographic whether or not DOCTOR STRANGE pulls the bank it needs to in order to keep the lesser-than Marvel characters in business (mark my words, TROLLS will beat it... if they can beat Madea first) but it's a good kicking off point for a hot doctor battle, don'tcha think?

Alice Eve

I feel as if I use Alice Eve in too many of these battles but let's get real - she looked phenomenal as Dr Carol Marcus in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, so much so that I figured I could wait on watching BEYOND because I knew she wasn't going to be making a reprisal. Eve has always been one of my favorites, sinece I figured out who she was in the indie BIG NOTHING and I most certainly would be the first in line to experience her bedside manner.

Jennifer Aniston

Julia Harris was a DDS, but dentists are still doctors and what a trip it would be if you had Jen sticking her hands in your mouth (or down your pants). Aniston is a fellow Aquarius, so I can speak with confidence when I express that being a woman under that Zodiac sign means you're in for a real treat, both in the bed and out. Although I'm not sure if I'd be the one to strap on for a sequel.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Let us not forget, in the wake of the Cubbies win, breaking their 100+ year long losing streak, that Bill Murray agreed to voice not just one but TWO terrible GARFIELD movies. While we're busy forgiving Bill, let us also not forget that Jennifer Love Hewitt was the hot veterinarian on staff for that lasagna loving puss, back when she hadn't done the unforgivable and gained all that mommy weight you guys hate so much.

Which cinematic doctor would you most like some HMO lovin' from: Alice, Jennifer or JLove?

Source: IMDB


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