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BOTB Divorced Babes: Halle Berry vs Jennifer Lopez vs Paula Patton

09.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It was a fairly easy choice for movie goers to pick up the new BLAIR WITCH movie, bringing it in at second place for the past box office weekend but it was a little harder for you to come to a consensus over who was the hotter witch in last week's battle. It came down to a tie between Emmy Rossum and Eva Green, although there were a few of you who claimed that it was impossible to pick between the three (or the greedy gluttons who wanted all three). While it seems like it will be a home run for THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN this week, it wasn't so much for those two crazy kids we figured would be together forever, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who made the biggest news with the announcement that Angie had filed for divorce. So here are three of the women with the more high profile divorces in recent years, all of whom are currently available for your love.

Halle Berry

My best wishes go to the man who thinks that he can be the one to finally break the streak that Halle Berry has had over the years. If you can tolerate someone who dictates every move you make (and makes up stories about the ones you didn't), then this soon-to-be thrice divorced cougar is for you. Personally, I don't know if she could get attractive enough for me to walk into her nonsense, but I'm curious to see which ones of you who would be willing to try.

Jennifer Lopez

Another train wreck in heels when it comes to romantic relationships is Jennifer Lopez. Her earlier marriages didn't last long at all, as she jumped between other dudes after getting quickie divorces and narrowly avoided becoming Mrs Affleck so that he could go torture some other kind soul. Jen seems to be keeping things civil with Marc Anthony, the only husband who lasted long enough to have the paper anniversary with but she also just ended things with her boy toy Caspar, so you might want to try your luck that that table right now if you're feeling brave.

Paula Patton

It's really not even fair to include Paula Patton with these other two women but I had to round out the battle. While she had a long running relationship with Robin Thicke that started back when they were in high school, she was at least smart enough to walk away when she found out that he was cheating on her while harboring a major cocaine and alcohol dependency. However, I know there are dudes who surprisingly wouldn't find her the hottest of the bunch, even with the trouble the others come traveling with, so who knows?

Which divorced babe would you like to try your luck with: Halle, Jennifer or Paula?

Source: IMDB


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