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BOTB Disney Live Action: Chloe Moretz vs Emma Watson vs Lily James

04.14.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The results from last week's battle weren't a surprise to me, with all of you showing your undying love for Lauren Cohan even when the chips are down for the end-of-season shenanigans making you hold your breath until October. I'm glad to see there are some Christian Serratos and Danai Gurira fans out there as well, albeit less vocal than Lauren's. As for vocals, we're heading into talking animal territory again with THE JUNGLE BOOK getting released this weekend. Here are just a few of the babes who have headed up the new live-action adaptations of popular Disney titles.

Chloe Moretz

We're a ways away from seeing Moretz pour herself into scales & fins as Ariel in the THE LITTLE MERMAID, which has secured Chloe in its cast but not settled on a release date yet. People have already been complaining about the casting, preferring their fish girls to be gingers rather than blondes, nevermind the OG source material and what it designates. My issue is whether or not Chloe will be able to sing in the role or if they'll veer away from being a musical entirely. Ass kicking, quippy Ariel might be a nice diversion from the subservient mute, that's for sure.

Emma Watson

Shhhh... don't tell the preview marketing people that I work for this site because I might not be able to see movies super early like I did with BEAUTY & THE BEAST, which is due out in March of next year. As for the casting of Watson, I'll give them this: she looks exactly like the cartoon version of Belle that we're all familiar with but Emma doesn't seem as devoted to the emotions of the movie, giving a phoning-it-in vibe when it comes to the rebellious & spunky girl from the source material. Good news is Luke Evans absolutely slays as Gaston, turning a whole new generation into bad guy lovers.

Lily James

Lily James is an adorable creature, perhaps even more suited for playing Aurora from SLEEPING BEAUTY than CINDERELLA but I appreciated her tender take on the sooty girl with some major family issues. Then again, I'd really love to see James take on a wild role where she gets nude and surprises everyone because I don't need any more happy endings unless they're actual happy endings.

Which live-action Disney girl gets you all animated: Chloe, Emma or Lily?

Source: IMDB


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