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BOTB Daredevil Hotties: Deborah Ann Woll vs Rosario Dawson vs Ayelet Zurer

04.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor

She might not have ever won Wimbledon but when it comes to a Battle of the Babes, Anna Kournikova is the top seeded hottie. With everyone balls deep in watching NetFlix's mini-series of a first season of "Marvel's Daredevil," I thought it would be a good time to look over the very fine cast of women it features.

Ayelet Zurer

As the exotic Vanessa who turns the head and heart of D'onofrio's Wilson "King Pin" Fisk, Zurer is bounding into the spotlight after having some disappointing stops and starts in her hottie career (from ANGELS & DEMONS with Tom Hanks to playing Superman's birth mama in MAN OF STEEL). It's really not that big of a guess as to what Fisk sees in her.

Deborah Ann Woll

Her real life boyfriend is losing his sight to a degenerative disease and we love her for sticking by him through the trying ordeal. And after vamping it up for 71 episodes of "True Blood," we've all fallen just a little bit harder in the 13 that Deborah Ann Woll shows up for in "Daredevil," although her character's affection for a certain schlubby lawyer might be influencing us a bit.

Rosario Dawson

My friend Thom fell instantly in love with this show save for one aspect - he wondered why they didn't heavily advertise the fact that Dawson was in the show. In a way, it makes sense. People tuning in just to check out Rosie's sexiness might have been disappointed in so many fighting scenes that don't include her. Then again, I can't fault the logic that splashing her name about might have only added to the appeal for others.

Which Daredevil babe ignites all your senses: Ayelet, Deborah or Rosario?

Source: IMDB


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