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BOTB Cute Coppers: Reese Witherspoon vs Sophia Bush vs Stana Katic

05.07.2015by: Cherry Liquor

There's never a big response when I do a male centric version of Battle of the Babes, but I had thought more of you would want to weigh on the men of AVENGERS. You're either a Hulk man or a Thor guy, seems like. For this week, since we're all going to pretend that HOT PURSUIT doesn't look like some weird throwback to the days of Bette Midler & Shelley Long making a caper flick, how about some hot police ladies?

Reese Witherspoon

As much as I liked Reese when she was younger, I'm growing to really appreciate the fierceness of the older Reese, even the one that shouts at cops when she's not playing one. As a petite little Southern mama, Witherspoon is hard to beat in terms of perky sexiness. I'd let her cuff me, fo sho.

Sophia Bush

Honestly, I've never watched Sophia Bush as the cop she plays on "Chicago P.D." but I don't really have to in order to get all up in her gorgeous business. Bush has never been shy about taking some amazing pics for magazine shoots (this one from a recent Maxim spread) and her humanitarianism is pretty darn attractive as well.

Stana Katic

Normally I shy away from watching "Castle" because it only makes me sad that Nathan Fillion is no longer Captain Tightpants and I lament that the show still can't hold a candle to "Bones" when it comes to quirky romantic pair-ups and their gang of goofy side characters. But Katic? Damn, that woman is sexy and she certainly holds together a show that would be hokey without her.

Which cute copper would you like to cuff: Reese, Sophia or Stana?

Source: IMDB


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