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BOTB Crazy Chicks: Ali Larter vs Erika Christensen vs Rose Byrne

09.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor

To be frank, I'm happy that summer is over. It's too hot, all the kids are running amok and 2016 wasn't exactly the best when it came to blockbuster summer fare. Last week's Battle of the Boxing Movie Babes was a good way to end that nonsense, especially since it meant that y'all got to sing Rachel McAdams' praises once more. Now that we head into the forgotten time period that is the fall before the awards season hopefuls, there's a whole slew of interesting indies to check out, including WHITE GIRL which supposedly is about a girl getting crazy over a dude after a whirlwind night of partying. Here are three of my favorite crazy stalker chicks for you to choose from this week.

Ali Larter

A lot of the sisters I know were all about this movie, screaming about the skinny ass white girl trying to steal Bey's man in OBSESSED, but I thought of the film as another exercise in camp, with Larter getting to show off all of those deranged, wide eyeball expressions of hers. Sure, we were supposed to side with Beyonce because she's the wronged woman but in the end? I think I still would have gone with Ali. Crazy is better in bed, even if they burn you in it afterward.

Erika Christensen

SWIMFAN is another one of my guilty pleasures, partyly because Jesse Bradford is that douchey kind of guy that you want to see be tormented by a chick and partly because it's just so wildly campy and unreasonable that you have to love it because it's a hoot. Erika Christensen seems to be a bit kooky off screen too, with her ties to Scientology, so that pool seduction scene might not be too far off her real life agenda.

Rose Byrne

Leave it to Rose Byrne, the master of both the comedic and dramatic, to have you feeling sympathy for a psychopath. As most people who love WICKER PARK will attest, I don't want to ruin the movie for you because it's one of those that has a slow build you really want to stick around for. (Don't even get me started on how underrated and underappreciated of an actor I think Josh Hartnett is.) Let me just leave it at this: If you haven't seen this movie, you should.

Which stalker babe would you like haunting your closets: Ali, Erika or Rose?

Source: IMDB


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