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BOTB Country Hotties: Carrie Underwood vs Cassadee Pope vs Kacey Musgraves

01.15.2018by: Cherry Liquor

The last time we battled, I put you to the difficult task of picking between Heather Graham, Jessica Biel and Salma Hayek. I figured it was a good mixed bag, with some timeless beauty, some great excellent bodies and a hefty dose of cool chick vibes from all three but it was still Salma who took the majority of your hearts. With FOREVER MY GIRL bringing us a chance to ignore another country music movie (although sadly, it does feature Jessica Rothe, the delightful beauty from HAPPY DEATH DAY), I thought we'd take another stab at seeing if 9 out of 10 brain damaged trolls can actually follow along with what's being asked and pick just one featured hot young country music babe.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is the only one in this battle that I actually know much of anything about and even that's fairly paltry. A former American Idol who has gone on to wild success in the country industry, Carrie has a fantastic smile, decent body and good attitude toward how to move on from a break-up (even if it was a couple of dudes who wrote it).

Cassadee Pope

Another television singing contest winner, Cassadee Pope at least had a decent background in music before slaying on the third season of The Voice. She swayed away from her original pop-punk leanings (she appeared in a Fall Out Boy video before competing with Team Blake) into country and finally found herself a star. She's super cute with a fantastic (albeit kinda flat chested) body.

Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves looks and sounds the most like a country singer out of these three, at least in my minimally educated option (to give you perspective, when I think country, I think Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn, not anyone recent). The one thing that I can say definitively about Kacey is that she has seriously killer legs. Go look up her CMA arrival pics and you'll see what I mean. She's a bit overly polished in that beauty pageant kinda way but I really dig her vibe.

Which country babe gets your strings a'twangin': Carrie, Cassadee or Kacey?

Source: IMDB


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