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BOTB Comic Book Movie Fresh Meat: Evangeline Lilly vs Margot Robbie vs Gal Gadot

07.16.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I wanted to throw a hard one at you last week, see if you were up to the task of picking a rightful villainess for the MINIONS to follow once they'd offed Scarlett Overkill but most of you were simply turned off by the bad girl options. This week, in honor of what I suspect will be the summer's biggest box office bomb (sorry, I do love Paul Rudd but is anyone really buzzing to go see ANT-MAN to the tune of millions of attendees?), here are some of the latest comic book movie hotties getting added to the universe.

Evangeline Lilly

I love Evangeline Lilly whenever she's off screen. The woman seems programmed to say all the things that make publicists suffer coronaries while still maintaining that innocence that comes from her adorable dimples. I'd have preferred a less likable actress playing Wasp in ANT-MAN, seeing as how in the comic books, Scott Lang is a wife beater, but movie adaptations were built to exclude any unsavory story elements.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie has been in the news for explaining that her SUICIDE SQUAD co-star, Jared Leto, gave her a rat as a present. Of course this is something that you would expect Harley to do if it were from the Joker, so why would it be any different for their mortal counterparts? I always have a hankering for Robbie, it'll be a question of whether or not the rest of the squad can match her high standards.

Gal Gadot

One of the more exciting offerings that the 2015 San Diego Comic Con had to offer was the trailer from the upcoming SUPERMAN VS BATMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, featuring the leggy Gal Gadot as the famous Wonder Woman. The title of the film might fall a bit flat but the appeal of Gadot definitely did not. I'm unconvinced that she can play a strong Wonder Woman but I'm willing to wait and see how she does before getting my panties into an angry bunch.

Which latest edition to the world of comic book movies would you most like to fight villains with: Evangeline, Margot or Gal?

Source: IMDB


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