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BOTB Cloverfield: Jessica Lucas vs Lizzy Caplan vs Odette Yustman

03.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I didn't know what to expect with last week's Battle but it appears you all have strong opinions when it comes to the ladies of London. Sure, Hayley Atwell won by a freakin' boobslide, but there was plenty of love thrown out for Daisy Ridley and Emilia Clarke as well. Sort of how LONDON HAS FALLEN did against ZOOTOPIA at the box office. This week we have Mary Elizabeth Winstead being the holder of the babe fort with 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, something that the original Bad Robot film had to triple down on to guarantee butts in seats. And boy did they pick a gorgeous trio. Why don't we debate these ladies this week?

Jessica Lucas

Jessica Lucas has had the slowest burn when it comes to the 3 ladies from the original CLOVERFIELD, clocking in minor roles in movies such as the EVIL DEAD remake and that flopped Zac Efron comedy THAT AWKWARD MOMENT but she's been simmering with her recent role on "Gotham." Out of the three, I personally think that Lucas is the hottest but I've always been a supporter of the underbabes of the world.

Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan herself didn't think that taking on a third tier role in a mysterious action/sci-fi flick was going to get her much recognition, but all of her persistent hard work over the years since has paid off the most out of this trio. Caplan knows when to go for the bloody nosed, "I don't feel so good" moments and when it's time to take off her top and wow us with her nakedness. Caplan is the bravest of the bunch, that's for sure.

Odette Yustman

She might be Odette Annable now, but she was still Yustman when CLOVERFIELD launched her acting career (aside from that forgettable soap opera prior to it) but what might have been a solid set of that pretty/bitchy girl roles has tapered off in recent (married) years and Odette has settled into motherhood and that cyclical hell of aborted TV shows. At least she's still a total knockout.

Which CLOVERFIELD babe would you most like to run from aliens with: Jessica, Lizzy or Odette?

Source: IMDB


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