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BOTB Chris Hemsworth's Ladies: Elsa Pataky vs Natalie Portman vs Olivia Wilde

12.10.2015by: Cherry Liquor

It was nice to see a few different faces last week, seeing as how I tend to end up using a lot of the same names in different rotations. It was also nice to see Amy Acker take the win, with most of you believing that she has a certain something special that doesn't get recognized enough. In the world of things that are nice to look at, there's Chris Hemsworth, that sexy Aussie hunk who can wield a hammer and swing his schlong around like few others. In celebration of his new movie, IN THE HEART OF THE SEA, here are a few of the babes with the chops to hang with him.

Elsa Pataky

The only woman who lays a true claim to the mighty Chris Hemsworth is his model slash actress wife, Elsa Pataky. The two were reportedly set up by their managers and quickly took to one another, despite her being 7 years his senior. They popped out a few babies and are one of the few Hollywood couples who seem relatively normal, even when the spotlight is shining on them.

Natalie Portman

It's hard to beat Natalie, even when she's featured as a character who is supposedly smart but makes an awful lot of dumb moves. In both of the THOR movies, Portman was the object of Hemsworth's affection, a mere mortal to his winking god, leaving many to wonder what he saw in her... except she's, well, Natalie Portman. Doesn't require much more than that.

Olivia Wilde

I keep becoming more and more impressed with Olivia Wilde as she motors along in her career. Where it's easy to dismiss her as being just another pretty face (because oh what a pretty face that is), Wilde isn't satisfied with simply playing the awesome hand she was dealt. In the underappreciated RUSH (I'm not into car movies outside of the absurd F&F stuff), Livvy delivered a tidy British accent with her 70's feathered hairstyles. I'd love to see her get the opportunity to do more work with Ron Howard, one of the few directors who respects an actress' talent over her looks.

Which of Thor's babes would you most like to plunder: Elsa, Natalie or Olivia?

Source: IMDB


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