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BOTB Brunettes: Cobie Smulders vs Elizabeth Reaser vs Gal Gadot

10.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor

When it comes to those cute little sidekicks, you can't go wrong with either Anna Kendrick, Selena Gomez or Hailee Steinfeld, but it seems as if the majority of you prefer Anna, with Hailee being a close second. Wait until Selena is all rested up from her break and you might be singing a different tune. This week there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to hotties in movies, from the action in JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK to the comedy of KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES to the PG-13 horror stylings of OUIJI: ORIGIN OF EVIL. Did you notice that each of them features a hot brunette in the main cast? I did. Now let's pick a fave.

Cobie Smulders

If I'm being fair, the role of Robin might have had some interesting opportunities to show off her comedic range, but I really didn't care for Cobie Smulders until I started seeing her do some different stuff and the one thing that this beautiful brunette excels at is being that serious action babe. Whether it's the stone cold fox Maria Hill from the Marvel Universe or as the woman Tom Cruise is looking to avenge in JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK, it's being tough where Cobie shines best.

Elizabeth Reaser

Elizabeth Reaser seems to have made a career out of playing quiet mom types, perhaps because she has such a soothing, mature beauty to her. Whether it's being a pseudo mom to those vampires in TWILIGHT to the way too forgiving new wife in YOUNG ADULT (how hard would it be to come after Charlize Theron?) to being strangely out of place but sexy during a brief stint on Mad Men, Reaser is who you call for that emotional balance, something they'll be drawing upon in OUIJI: ORIGIN OF EVIL, I suppose.

Gal Gadot

I am definitely not as big of a fan of Gal Gadot as some people are, perhaps because I grew up thinking Wonder Woman should look voluptuous but tought like Lynda Carter and not like some slightly bulked up runway model with a hard-to-place accent. But Gadot is growing on me, showing that she has a subtle range that appears to be growing with experience, which might just be the exact thing that KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES needs to balance out the irrepressibly goofy fun Isla Fisher brings to her comedy roles.

Which new release hot brunette would you like to see darken your door: Cobie, Elizabeth or Gal?

Source: IMDB


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